Traveling Trunk

Traveling Trunk Educational Program
Looking for FREE field trip that does not require busing?
Consider inviting the Traveling Trunk Presentation for your class or group.

We have been bringing stories of the local history into the classrooom and community organization for over 31 years. The "Trunk" contains many turn of the century artifacts that reflect the early days of our area.
Student will learn:

  1. How many people came from around the world to strike it rich?
  2. Why many people turned to farming to make a living?
  3. The importance of the general store in the life of the community.
  4. People were thrifty and "recycled" packaging material into clothing
  5. Life in an early day classroom
.......... and more!
Our presentations last about 30-45 minutes to suit your schedule and can be given in succession to accommodate an "Educational Day" or similar program.
For more information please send an Email to
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Discovery Day 2011 - Regnart Elementary School

Discovery Day 2011

Third grade students learn the difference between life back then and now during a presentaion at Regnart School by Loretta Bassman, Kay Roberts and Sonja Cook.